Scientists have found a new language for communication of the whole mankind. The study of experts from Harvard University helped to find out which communication method is understandable for everyone.  

In the experiment of scientists 750 people from 60 countries took part.  They had to listen to excerpts of musical compositions of 86 various people from different corners of the planet and performing different kinds of activity. The subjects needed to determine the purpose of the compositions and say whether they hear a marching song or music for dances, whether it sings of love or lay it to rest.

The results of the experiment indicated that, contrary to national-cultural differences, the participants of the experiment managed to guess the type of melodies correctly.

The greatest difficulties for the subjects were caused by compositions associated with performing of rituals and singing of songs about love.

In the second experiment participants were asked to determine the detailed characteristics of compositions such as the quantity of singers and their sex. The majority of participants managed to cope with this task as well.

«In the cultures we studied, songs for dances and spiritual rituals have enough common features that not only melodies themselves are considered universal, but also the way they are performed», concluded the author of the research, psychologist Samuel Mer.

Upon that the researchers note that it was much easier for the experienced Internet users to cope with the task than for others, because the culture of their communication has more in common features than rare visitors on the Web.

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