Holidays have become an integral part of our lives. A lot of holidays came to us from our ancestors and some of them are associated with importanta events and values of the modern time. Holidays, of course, affect the emotional state and the state of mind of both children and adults. The most bright and memorable memories of people are very often associated with childrens celebrations and the sense of expectation of something important and unusual.

Since the childhood holidays help us to know our individual features, and at the same time feel unity and belonging to certain groups of people. That is why holidays are just necessary to create a unique emotional state that will help us to cope with the troubles and monotony of everyday life. The holiday has a positive impact on a persons state of mind and can become a natural psychological help. During the celebrations, there is a more direct and close communication between people, during which it is possible to make new relationships, strengthen and improve existing ones, forgive and return the ones we lost due to insults and misunderstandings. However, in celebration, as in everything else, it is necessary to follow prudence and sense of proportion, which will allow to spent good time preserving dignity and not creating problems.

We would like to pay special attention to the celebration of Novruz Bayram! This holiday is one of the most beloved ones in Azerbaijan.

Every week a month before Novruz people celebrate the pre-holiday Tuesdays. According to ancient beliefs, every Tuesday there is a renewal of nature before the coming of spring.

In every house there is a special attention to the festive table.

On the day of the holiday, many people do not close their doors - soon there will be lots of caps waiting for gifts and sweets. This is also one of the traditions of this holiday. Children go to any tricks to stay unnoticed for those who they are knocking at the door, compete in who will get more sweets, and if there are very generous owners, then money.

Novruz is also a celebration of the vernal equinox, symbolizing the renewal.

Keeping the balance in preparation and celebration, you can get the maximum pleasure and benefit. The quality of the last held holiday can be determined by the physical and emotional state after the celebration. The result of a properly held holiday will be a sense of satisfaction and inner strength. Learn to notice the good things and you can turn any weekday into a holiday.

Happy holiday!

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