Notarized translation - is a form of official documents' legalization. Signing the translation, notary proves the authenticity of signature of registered interpreter. Notarized translation of the document could be possible only if the document contains all the attributes of an official document (seal and signature, and for documents issued in some foreign countries even consular legalization). In addition for the translation notarization, the notary should be provided with the original document or a notarized copy.

Translation of the following documents can be notarized:

  • translation of contracts, constituent documents, accounting records and other documents of companies;

  • translation of birth, marriage, and divorce certificates, and other documents issued by the civil registry office;

  • translation of labor books, references, departure sheets, etc. (very often such documents issued in CIS countries, need only stamps and seals to be translated, but this translation should be also notarized);

  • translation of diplomas, high school diplomas, training certificates;                              

  • translation of the written consent of parents, power of attorney, wills, and other notarial deeds;

  • translation of driver's license;

  • translation of vehicle registration certificate;

  • and others.

In many cases, along with the translation of documents, there is need for notarization. In order to provide convenience to customers, our center, if necessary, carries out certification of documents by a notary with no extra charge.


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