With the integration of business structures into the world economy, the need for professional translation further increases. Given this reality, "Avrasiya" Translation Center offers services in the field of translation and interpretation of main world languages at a high level. Our centre has experience in translation of various subjects, including specialized texts. 

Taking into account the complexity of the translation business, and the fact that it is useful and creative profession, bringing  peoples and cultures together, not contenting with the results achieved in order to further improve the level of services to our customers, the company is constantly working on new directions of development. The high professionalism of our employees, efficient response and serviceability are our main advantages. The center has a strong team of experienced, qualified translators.

One of the main objectives is to build long-term relationships with our customers, our desire to be a reliable partner and assistant to them. Our translations serve to eliminate language barriers, bring the information, facilitate communication. Translations are implemented by experienced and professional staff. In order to avoid mistakes in the translation, completed material is repeatedly checked and sent to the customer subject to compliance of translation to the customer's original material, keeping the original format, tables, images and formulas.

Comprehensive support for corporate customers in the field of linguistics is the main focus of the company. For the legal entities we offer favorable options for their cooperation. At the same time, we are actively working with individuals. The main idea of our center is the principle of a fair assessment, satisfaction of our customers. Depending on the complexity of the translations provided, prices are determined on the basis of mutual consent.

Now, our business has received recognition at the official level: “AVRASIYA” LLC has been certified according to ISO 9001:2015ISO is the most recognized quality standard. 

Here you can not only translate documents, but also order their notarization and apostil. We provide our customers with free consultation. To convince the client of the professionalism of our employees, we offer a free translation of small materials as tests. In order to provide quality and accurate translation, the Centre always tries to use new technologies and programs. This allows us not only to build our work in accordance with the requirements of the modern world, but also to be one of the leading companies in the field of translation and build customer loyalty. Modern technology, equipment and skilled professionals enable us to carry out translation of audio and video materials, websites, and news, and perform graphic development of any necessary schemes, drawings, images and photographs, for complete technical instructions or advertising bouquet.

The staff of the "Avrasiya" Translation Center is actively cooperating with many companies, and is willing to cooperate with a larger number in the future. The center employs high level professional translators with higher education and sufficient experience in the field of translation. Our team consists of translators, editors and managers who love their work and have earned the respect and goodwill of our customers.

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