Azerbaijani language is a state language of Azerbaijan and one of the official languages of Republic of Dagestan (Russia).On June 18,2001 President of Republic of Azerbaijan Heydar Aliyev  signed a Decree “On improvement of  state language” according to which, transition to the Azerbaijani alphabet in Latin script began to be implemented from 1 August 2001. By the decree of Heydar Aliyev on 9 august,2001 “Day of Azerbaijani alphabet and Azerbaijani language” was established. According to this Decree August 1 is celebrated as Day of Azerbaijani alphabet and Azerbaijani language in Azerbaijan.


In different stages of its history alphabets of following various structural forms had been used by Azerbaijanians:

1. Ancient national Turkic alphabet (from ancient times till VII century)

2. Arabic alphabet (from the second half of VII century till 1929 of XX century);

3. Latin alphabet (1929-1940 years)

4. Cyrillic Alphabet (1940-1992 years)

5. New alphabet based on Latin (since 1992)

Idea of change of Cyrillic in Azerbaijani alphabet emerged as a result of collapse of former Soviet Union at the end of 80’s of XX century in order to form a new alphabet, which corresponds to the phonetic system of Azerbaijani language.




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