The Worldwide Event "ITU Telecom World 2009" has been launched in Geneva from 5th of October.

This event, organized once in five years, is the largest meeting for the global ICT sector. Azerbaijan is represented by a large team consisting of representatives from a number of ministries and private business sector. Within the framework of the event, an exhibition reflecting achievements of countries in the ICT sector was also opened. The national pavilion of Azerbaijan was also organized at the exhibition. In general, the achievements of Azerbaijan in recent years in the development of information technologies are reflected in the pavilion. According to the Ministry of Communications and Information Technologies, during the exhibition, the creative team of the Dilmanc project demonstrated the first telephone translator system in the Azerbaijani national pavilion. The new software allows automatic translation of telephone conversations (on Azerbaijani-English and English-Azerbaijani directions). When speaking in Azerbaijani on one side of the phone, this speech sounds in English on the other side of the phone and vice-versa - when speaking in English on this side the person on the other side listens in Azerbaijani.

The system is still under development, the work on creating a massive utility version is underway. The creation of the telephone translator was made possible by the first three major subsystems created for Azerbaijani language: recognition system of Azerbaijani (transformation of a verbal speech into a written text via computer); machine translation system (automatic translation of texts between Azerbaijani and English languages) and text sounding system (verbal sounding of written text on the computer). Worldwide event "ITU Telecom World 2009" will continue until October 9.

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