INTERNSHIP PROGRAM is regarded as one of the most important aspects in the educating of future specialists. Essential objective of internship program – is formation of skills and abilities of students required for translators.

-         What tasks should be solved by translation practice?

-         Introduction to the organization and translation companies;

-         Improvement of translation skills in the process of learning;

-         Learning of terminology;

-         Improvement of job with help of modern technology and computer-assisted translation.

-         Creating model of translator’s behavior.

Students-translators from different universities of country got experience in Avrasiya Translation Center during three years. Narmin Huseynova, director of Center helps student-interns in the learning of translation skills. The translated works of students is used to make a contribution to Avrasiya web content which works in three languages, Azerbaijani, Russian and English. In the course of their experience, translated works in different fields that, in addition to professional skills, help students acquire life skills, revalue their significance ​​and understand that life is the best gift we can get or give.

12 students got experience in the Center this year. All students showed themselves as responsible, hard-working and diligent. Some of them agreed to continue helping Avrasiya Translation Center in the future, if necessary. Two of these students have already got experience in our center since third course, but they returned again to continue their education this year. We are always looking forward to new meetings and communication with the youth of the city, especially if this can positively affect their future.

Internship for bachelor students was carried out from Azerbaijan University of Languages, Khazar University and Azerbaijan Tourism and Management University From February 20 to May 27, 2019. During this period students worked hard with technical texts, revisions and terminological glossaries, looked at the work of the international translation in the office and gained invaluable experience working with the full cycle of the translation project.

Besides effective translation practice, interns have also got a professional program of translators.

According to the manager and practice curator, the interns said that the most interesting tasks were “live” translations from customers and situations related to real translation and their solutions. Interns got also information about details of technical and marketing translation for large companies and acquired elements of terminology, creation of translation memory, writing styles, project managements and features of communication with costumers.

Besides all, interns could also complete “Work in the data entry system”  project “Live” led by director Narmin Huseynova. Interns believe that the most difficult and time-consuming task was working with dictionaries and creating vocabulary articles for large projects.

Both Avrasiya staff  and interns were satisfied with the process. We note that this is a great pleasure for us and hope for further cooperation with universities in the future!

Dear students!

We ask you to share your impressions of the internship, as well as photographs and letters of thanks, which we could post on our website. We want everyone to know about your success!

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