On September 30, the roundtable conference titled “Urgent problems of modern translation: teaching, theory, practice” and dedicated to the International Translators day was organized by the Translation and Lexicography Department of Scientific Research Projects laboratory, in Baku Slavic University (BSU).

Opening the event with the preface speech, professor Nurlana Aliyeva highly appreciated the celebration of International Translators Day and congratulated professional translators. She said that today is a special holiday for every cultural nation. Speaking about the matchless services of our scientists and intellectuals who have made contributions to world science throughout history, N.Aliyeva mentioned that gaining internationally recognition of these scientists was due to entirely development of translation science. N.Aliyeva said that translation of the works of Pushkin, Lermontov, Dostoevsky, Saltykov-Shchedrin into our language has a great role in recognizing the cultures of the world peoples in Azerbaijan, as well as in indocrinating the values of women. She emphasized that the development of secular science and education, acquaintance with world culture is impossible without translation science. The Rector highly appreciated the functioning of the translation center at BSU for many years, the professional translation of the pearls of world literature into azerbaijani language by the specialists of this center. Saying that the center is currently operating in a larger direction on the basis of the new Startup project, N.Aliyeva started a conversation about the forthcoming plan in the field of translation.


Professor Rafig Novruzov, Vice-rector on scientific issues of BSU, underscored in his speech that Slavic languages taught in BSU, including Greek, can make special contributions to the translation field in our republic. Noting that it is advisable to apply to BSU for professional translation in mentioned languages, R. Novruzov stressed the importance  of establishing close cooperation with translation centers.  

Professor Telman Jafarov, Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs at BSU, apprised that translation programs emerging in the modern  era of technology, have simplified the translation process. T.Jafarov advised publishing visual dictionary in electronic form and said that these dictionaries would gain more readers. According to him, in recent years, many talented BSU students have been employed in well-known translation centers. This is an indication of the University’s professional translator training.


Etimad Bashkechid, Director of the Department of Science, Education and Culture of the State Translation Center under the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Azerbaijan, said that despite of the development of translation programs, there is always a need for a human factor. Emphasizing the importance of practical experience in the development of translatorship, E.Bashkechid suggested Azerbaijan State Translation Center collaborate with BSU for the publication of important textbooks in the future.

Mahir Garayev, Deputy editor-in-chief of “Khazar” world literature magazine, said that democracy is now dominating in our country in the field of translation, unlike the past Soviet period. He found that the reason for the lack of artistic and figurative description in books translated into our language is that they do not have a deep understanding of the native language.

Then Sevinj Khudiyeva, Deputy Dean of the Translation faculty of BSU, gave detailed information about the specialization and teaching process at the faculty, as well as professional training.  


Nasiba Abbasova, head lecturer of the Department of Foreign languages and country studies at the Academy named after Heydar Aliyev of the State Security Service (SSS), started a conversation about integrated process of multicultural management during the globalization period, the importance of considering the world reader’s taste in translation, the need for new words in our language by virtue of translation, and other issues.

Professor Rustam Kamal, head of the Department of Azerbaijan Language at Azerbaijan State University of Oil and Industry (ASUOI), spoke in his speech about specialization in the field of translation and simultaneous translation and said that there is a need for publishing new theoretic translation books.

Gilinjkhan Bayramov, professor of Department of European languages of BSU, noticed the role of specialists of BSU in the publication of the first books translated into Russian.  The scientist said that he advocated the employment in the demonstrable form and recommended that personal names should be written in the language of the country of origin. He stressed the importance of correct translation of “Dada-Gorgud” and “Koroghlu” eposes into the world languages, as well as preservation of the “Nagorno – Karabakh problem” expression in other languages as in Azerbaijani. Fikrat Dolukhanov, Deputy Director of the Department of International Relations of “Public Television and Radio Broadcasting, said that in his speech that there is always a need for professional staff for translation of movies and documentary films into Azerbaijani and suggested the cooperation with young personnel trained at BSU.

Ibrahim Guliyev, chief of the Department of Azerbaijan multiculturalism and country studies, draw attention to that ANAS played a role of a translation center in Azerbaijan for many years. He expressed that there is a great need for translation of Jalaladdin Rumi’s works in Azerbaijan, including “Shams Divani”. I.Guliyev said that in contradistinction to fiction, translation of scientific works requires translator to be an expert.

Addressing at the event, Nasimi Hasanov, Director of “Shams” Translation Center, Narmina Huseynova, Director of “Avrasiya” Translation Center, stressed the importance of adapting the new generation to modern technology and emphasized the necessity of future cooperation with BSU.

Kamran Hajiyev, chief of the Department of translation and lexicography at the Research Projects Laboratory of BSU, spoke about the future plans of the laboratory and said that the ideas would be taken into account in the future of the laboratory’s activity. 

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