THE TRANSLATORS / Les Traducteurs (2020)

Have you ever heard about this movie?

On January 13, 2020, "The Translators" starring Olga Kurylenko and Lambert Wilson was released. The movie tells us the story about our colleagues!

Our team was lucky to watch it in a cinema before the pandemic.

Nine hand-picked translators are locked in a luxurious bunker to translate the latest novel of the famous author in record-breaking time. But, despite all the precautions, the first ten pages of the book leaked to the Internet. That was the reason the publisher locked the translators in a bunker with NO Internet access! And it is not good! Because these days a translator without the Internet is no longer a translator! Of course, in the days before the Internet, translators managed to work without it! And sure, our heroes did their job too! But we must admit that since the advent of the Internet, there has been a 180-degree turn in our profession. Now, we get instant access to a goldmine of information with just one click! Sure, it is not always reliable and we always check it twice. However, the Internet made a revolution in our profession.

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